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WC-132 – WheelCommander™ Motion Controller Software Interfaces

The WheelCommander™ controller has a growing body of software support.


Example Code

We provide examples for use of the WheelCommander with many popular microcontrollers.

C/C++ Support Library

If you wish to interface your WheelCommander to a PC, you can, using our C/C++ library. Documentation is available as a PDF, online HTML, or a Windows HTML Help file.

Arduino Support Package

This library, compatible with Arduino software revisions 1.0 to 1.05 (and most likely later versions as well), makes it simple to control a WheelCommander from your Arduino-compatible controller. The library is included in the zip file listed on the Arduino example page.  The Arduino library supports I2C as well as additional serial ports on a Mega or other Arduino.

Player/Stage Driver

The excellent Player/Stage Project provides powerful tools for controlling real and virtual robots. Our alpha-quality driver allows you to now use the WheelCommander with Player, the robot device interface. Stage is a 2D simulator environment. Player is integrated into the much larger ROS (Robot Operating System), so having a driver for the WheelCommander in Player makes it available in ROS too (theoretically). We hope to release a ROS-specific driver in the future. The Player driver is located on the Player/Stage example page.

Third Party Support

RoboRealm, a well designed commercial robot machine vision package, includes drivers for a wide variety of hardware, including the WheelCommander.


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