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ME-210 Unicoder Intelligent Magnetic Encoder



  • contactless rotary position sensing
  • odometry
  • closed-loop motor control
  • potentiometer replacement
  • robotics
  • brushless DC motor commutation


Incremental Encoder:

  • programmable output modes: quadrature, sign-magnitude, or BLDC motor commutation outputs
  • programmable index pulse location
  • programmable index pulse width
  • programmable resolution: 64, 128, 256, or 512 pulses per rotation
  • programmable direction of rotation (CW or CCW)
  • 10,000 RPM max

Absolute Encoder:

  • programmable zero angle location
  • nonvolatile angle sensing, 1024 positions per rotation

Motion Statistics:

  • instantaneous velocity measured in encoder ticks per second
  • readable position, angle, velocity, and tick-to-tick period
  • writeable position
  • readable realtime clock for external velocity calibration
  • programmable position resolution: 7-10 bits

Intelligent Interface:

  • I2C command interface, 400KHz max
  • simple register-like commands
  • programmable slave address
  • SMBus compatible
  • 3.3 volt operation; I2C lines 5 volt tolerant
  • field-upgradable firmware via RS232

RC Servo Pulse Generator:

  • optional feature
  • provides RC-servo-compatible control pulses, varying from 0.5ms to 2.5ms every 20ms
  • programmable polarity
  • 4096 steps of resolution
  • programmable neutral position simplifies control
  • coupled with mounting inside an RC servo, allows daisy-chaining of multiple servos via I2C while providing all the benefits of feedback from the Unicoder itself


Nubotics breaks new ground with this unique new sensor. Combining the best of both incremental quadrature encoders with a 10 bit absolute encoder, while providing motion statistics, coupled with programmable operation, all using an intelligent bus (I2C), the Nubotics Unicoder ME-210 solves many problems for electromechanical designers in a very compact package.

And, since the shaft and case are designed to replace rectangular-case potentiometers used for angle sensing in many standard size RC servos, robot builders now have a powerful new way to measure joint position, wheel velocity, total distance travelled, and more.

Note: the ME-210 is not guaranteed to fit in all standard-sized RC servos -- some servos have round feedback potentiometers rather than rectangular. Also, some servos, such as the Hitec HS322, will require you to modify the ME-210 by doing the following:

  1. unscrew the two T5 Torx screws (a 1.4mm flat blade jewler's screwdriver can work in a pinch)
  2. rotate the large white plastic housing by 180 degrees; the existing screw holes in the housing will line up with the existing holes in the thin white spacer and the PCB
  3. reassemble the ME-210, being sure not to over tighten the screws, as doing so can strip the plastic threads

ME-210 Unicoder Includes:

  • fully assembled unit (PCB, connector, plastic housing, brass shaft, magnet)

ME-210 Accessories:

  • 8 precrimped, color coded, 12" wires with matching connector housing
  ME-210 Unicoder

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