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ME-110 Unicoder Entry Level Magnetic Encoder


  • contactless rotary position sensing
  • odometry
  • closed-loop motor control
  • potentiometer replacement
  • robotics
  • brushless DC motor commutation


  • 1024 positions per rotation
  • 3.3 volt operation
  • readable, nonvolatile angular position*
  • programmable index pulse location*
  • programmable zero angle location*
  • programmable resolution: 7, 8, 9, and 10 bit*
  • programmable direction of rotation (CW or CCW)*
  • progammable output modes*: quadrature, sign-magnitude, or BLDC motor commutation
  • quadrature, PWM, and index pulse output
  • an external low pass filter can convert the PWM output to an analog signal proportional to angle


  • fits inside many hobby servos in place of existing rectangular potentiometer

ME-110 Unicoder

  • fully assembled unit.
  • no cable or connector provided; pads are arranged in a 2x6 array with 2mm spacing
  ME-110 Unicoder

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