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NuboticsTM brand is a growing line of robotics products designed and manufactured by Noetic Design, Inc., in Portland Oregon.

Pete Skeggs, Chief Engineer of Noetic Design, Inc., is a long time member and past president of the Portland Area Robotics Society (PARTS), and a member of the PARTS team that created the very popular MarkIII robot kit.

Pete recently completed a 3 year mission on the core technical development team for the Ugobe Pleo robotic dinosaur. While the economic downturn has resulted in the end of Ugobe as a going concern, the product itself sold well and gathered a tremendously loyal following. Pete engineered the motion control system, sound playback system, sound sensor processing, IR communications, and other key parts of LifeOS. Pete regrets only that the Pleo Development Kit (PDK), while finished and ready to ship for nearly a year, never made it to the public for non-technical reasons. Maybe someday it will!

Pete is on a personal mission to raise the bar in low cost robotics kits by applying his creativity and engineering knowledge to develop low cost sensors and accessories that were previously unavailable to the hobbyist.  

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