NdiCmdC.h File Reference

Detailed Description

Noetic DLL

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Data Structures

union  _int_union_
 INT FLAGS. More...
struct  _int_union_::_int_flags
union  _io_flags_union
 IO FLAGS. More...
struct  _io_flags_union::_io_flags


#define NDICMDC_API   __declspec(dllimport)
 Declare functions as importable DLL functions.


typedef enum _wc_baud WC_BAUD
typedef enum _wc_pwm_frequency WC_PWMFREQ
typedef union _int_union_ INT_FLAGS
typedef union _io_flags_union IO_FLAGS
typedef enum _uc_mode_type UNICODER_MODE
typedef enum _uc_encoder_type ENCODER_TYPE


enum  _wc_baud {
  BD_1200, BD_4800, BD_9600, BD_19200,
  BD_38400, BD_57600, BD_115200, BD_230400,
 Baud Rate Values. More...
enum  _wc_pwm_frequency {
  PF_32KHZ, PF_64KHZ
 PWM frequencies. More...
enum  _uc_mode_type {
  MD_I2C = 0x01, MD_RS232 = 0x02, MD_ASCII_HEX = 0x04, MD_SHORT_RET = 0x08,
 Unicoder Mode Values. More...
 Encoder Types. More...


NDICMDC_API void NdiCmd_Init (void)
 Initialize the DLL.
NDICMDC_API void NdiCmd_SetLogWindow (HWND wnd)
 Specify Output Control for Logging.
NDICMDC_API void NdiCmd_SetLogFile (char *path, BOOL append)
 Specify Output File for Logging.
NDICMDC_API void NdiCmd_LogIt (char *text)
 Send Text to the Log.
NDICMDC_API void NdiCmd_LogQuiet (BOOL quiet)
 Set Logging Level.
NDICMDC_API void NdiCmd_EnableDirect (void)
 Enable Direct.
NDICMDC_API BOOL NdiCmd_Search (void)
 Search for Ndi Devices.
NDICMDC_API BOOL NdiCmd_CheckPort (int i)
 Check Port.
NDICMDC_API int NdiCmd_GetFirstPort (void)
 Get First Port.
NDICMDC_API int NdiCmd_GetNextPort (int prev)
 Get Next Port.
NDICMDC_API void NdiCmd_SetPortEnabled (int i, BOOL enabled)
 Set Port Enabled.
NDICMDC_API BOOL NdiCmd_GetPortEnabled (int i)
 Get Port Enabled.
NDICMDC_API void NdiCmd_CloseAllPorts (void)
 Close All Ports.
NDICMDC_API int NdiCmd_GetWheelCommander (void)
 Get Wheel Commander.
NDICMDC_API int NdiCmd_GetNumWheelCommanders (void)
 Get Num Wheel Commanders.
NDICMDC_API int NdiCmd_GetWheelCommanderNum (int num)
 Get Wheel Commander Num.
NDICMDC_API int NdiCmd_GetUnicoder (void)
 Get Unicoder.
NDICMDC_API int NdiCmd_GetNumUnicoders (void)
 Get Num Unicoders.
NDICMDC_API int NdiCmd_GetUnicoderNum (int index)
 Get Unicoder Num.
NDICMDC_API void NdiCmd_RunWizard (BOOL wiz_mode)
 Run Wizard.
NDICMDC_API BOOL NdiCmd_UpdateFirmware (char *filename, HWND statwindow)
 Update Firmware.
NDICMDC_API BOOL NdiCmd_UpdateFirmwareEx (char *filename, HWND statwindow, BOOL special, BOOL direct)
 Update Firmware Ex.
NDICMDC_API void NdiCmd_SetStatusWindow (HWND hwnd)
 Set Status Window.
NDICMDC_API BOOL NdiCmd_GetPortInfo (int handle, char *type_string, int *id)
 Get Port Info.
NDICMDC_API BOOL NdiCmd_Sync (int handle)
NDICMDC_API BOOL NdiCmd_CommTest (int handle, int first, int last, int step)
 Comm Test.
NDICMDC_API BOOL NdiCmd_GetName (int handle, LPSTR name, int *version)
 Get Name.
NDICMDC_API BOOL NdiCmd_Status (int handle, unsigned int *status)
NDICMDC_API BOOL NdiCmd_SetBaud (int handle, WC_BAUD baud)
 Set Baud.
NDICMDC_API BOOL NdiCmd_GetBaud (int handle, int *baud)
 Get Baud.
NDICMDC_API void NdiCmd_SetBlueRadio (BOOL enable, BOOL fast)
 Set Blue Radio.
NDICMDC_API void NdiCmd_GetBlueRadio (BOOL *enable, BOOL *fast)
 Get Blue Radio.
NDICMDC_API BOOL NdiCmd_SetI2CAddress (int handle, int addr)
 Set I2C Address.
NDICMDC_API BOOL NdiCmd_GetI2CAddress (int handle, BYTE *addr)
 Get I2C Address.
NDICMDC_API BOOL NdiCmd_SetCommMode (int handle, BOOL slow_comms, BOOL notify, BOOL short_mode)
 Set Comm Mode.
NDICMDC_API BOOL NdiCmd_SetPlatformSpecs (int handle, BOOL polarity, BOOL counter_axis, BYTE wheel_base, BYTE wheel_diameter)
 Set Platform Specs.
NDICMDC_API BOOL NdiCmd_SetMotorMode (int handle, BOOL pwm, BOOL locked_antiphase, BOOL dual_dir_lines, WC_PWMFREQ pwm_frequency)
 Set Motor Mode.
NDICMDC_API BOOL NdiCmd_GetEncoderProperties (int handle, BOOL *quadrature, WORD *ticks_per_rotation)
 Get Encoder Properties.
NDICMDC_API BOOL NdiCmd_SetEncoderProperties (int handle, BOOL quadrature, WORD ticks_per_rotation)
 Set Encoder Properties.
NDICMDC_API BOOL NdiCmd_ReadDIO (int handle, int pin, BOOL *value)
 Read Digital Input.
NDICMDC_API BOOL NdiCmd_WriteDIO (int handle, int pin, BOOL value)
 Write Digital Output.
NDICMDC_API BOOL NdiCmd_ReadAIO (int handle, int pin, double *value)
 Read Analog Input.
NDICMDC_API BOOL NdiCmd_SetInterrupt (int handle, INT_FLAGS flags)
 Set Interrupt.
NDICMDC_API BOOL NdiCmd_GetInterruptStatus (int handle, INT_FLAGS *flags, WORD *io_lines)
 Get Interrupt Status.
NDICMDC_API BOOL NdiCmd_SetDIOMonitorInfo (int handle, int pin, IO_FLAGS flags)
 Set DIO Monitor Info.
NDICMDC_API BOOL NdiCmd_SetAIOMonitorInfo (int handle, int pin, IO_FLAGS flags, WORD lo, WORD hi)
 Set AIO Monitor Info.
NDICMDC_API BOOL NdiCmd_Coast (int handle)
NDICMDC_API BOOL NdiCmd_Brake (int handle)
NDICMDC_API BOOL NdiCmd_Reset (int handle)
NDICMDC_API BOOL NdiCmd_SetAcceleration (int handle, int accel)
 Set Acceleration.
NDICMDC_API BOOL NdiCmd_GetAcceleration (int handle, int *accel)
 Get Acceleration.
NDICMDC_API BOOL NdiCmd_SetVelocity (int handle, int velocity)
 Set Velocity.
NDICMDC_API BOOL NdiCmd_GetVelocity (int handle, int *velocity)
 Get Velocity.
NDICMDC_API BOOL NdiCmd_SetRotation (int handle, int rotation)
 Set Rotation Rate.
NDICMDC_API BOOL NdiCmd_GetRotation (int handle, int *rotation)
 Get Rotation Rate.
NDICMDC_API BOOL NdiCmd_SetDistance (int handle, long distance)
 Set Distance.
NDICMDC_API BOOL NdiCmd_GetDistance (int handle, long *distance)
 Get Distance.
NDICMDC_API BOOL NdiCmd_SetAngle (int handle, int angle)
 Set Angle.
NDICMDC_API BOOL NdiCmd_GetAngle (int handle, int *angle)
 Get Angle.
NDICMDC_API BOOL NdiCmd_SetXDistance (int handle, long xdistance)
 Set Delta Distance.
NDICMDC_API BOOL NdiCmd_GetXDistance (int handle, long *xdistance)
 Get Delta Distance.
NDICMDC_API BOOL NdiCmd_SetXAngle (int handle, int xangle)
 Set Delta Angle.
NDICMDC_API BOOL NdiCmd_GetXAngle (int handle, int *xangle)
 Get Delta Angle.
NDICMDC_API BOOL NdiCmd_Go (int handle)
NDICMDC_API BOOL NdiCmd_UCSetConstant (int handle, int addr, BYTE const_value)
 Set Constant.
NDICMDC_API BOOL NdiCmd_UCGetConstant (int handle, int addr, BYTE *const_value)
NDICMDC_API BOOL NdiCmd_SetMode (int handle, BYTE mode)
 Set Mode.
NDICMDC_API BOOL NdiCmd_GetMode (int handle, BYTE *mode)
 Get Mode.
NDICMDC_API BOOL NdiCmd_GetEncoderMode (int handle, ENCODER_TYPE *enc_type, int *num_bits, BOOL *wide_index, BOOL *ccw)
 Get Encoder Mode.
NDICMDC_API BOOL NdiCmd_SetEncoderMode (int handle, ENCODER_TYPE enc_type, int num_bits, BOOL wide_index, BOOL ccw)
 Set Encoder Mode.
NDICMDC_API BOOL NdiCmd_GetZeroPosition (int handle, int *angle)
 Get Zero Position.
NDICMDC_API BOOL NdiCmd_SetZeroPosition (int handle, int angle)
 Set Zero Position.
NDICMDC_API BOOL NdiCmd_GetPeriod (int handle, int *period)
 Get Period.
NDICMDC_API BOOL NdiCmd_GetTime (int handle, int *the_time)
 Get Time.
NDICMDC_API BOOL NdiCmd_SetTime (int handle, int the_time)
 Set Time.
NDICMDC_API BOOL NdiCmd_GetServo (int handle, int *speed)
 Get Servo.
NDICMDC_API BOOL NdiCmd_SetServo (int handle, int speed)
 Set Servo.
NDICMDC_API BOOL NdiCmd_UCCoast (int handle)
 Unicoder Coast.
NDICMDC_API BOOL NdiCmd_SetCenterPosition (int handle, int center_pos)
 Set Servo Center Position.
NDICMDC_API BOOL NdiCmd_GetCenterPosition (int handle, int *center_pos)
 Get Servo Center Position.
NDICMDC_API BOOL NdiCmd_UCStoreParameters (int handle)
 Unicoder Store Parameters.

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