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 WheelCommander WC-132 Example Code

Using WC-132 with Embedded Controllers
Chip Manufacturer Platform Chip Programming Language Development Tool Example Name
Acroname Brainstem Brainstem TEA Brainstem Drive in a Square Example - note: requires the latest TEA libraries (build 23 or greater)
Atmel Barello ARC ATMEGA16 C GCC (WinAVR) TBD
"" "" "" "" "" TBD
"" Arduino numerous C++ Arduino (based on GNU GCC for AVR) RCWC - control a WheelCommander-based robot using an Arduino connected to an RC servo receiver
Kronos Robotics DIOS Ares DIOS BASIC-like DIOS TBD
Microchip MarkIII/PIC PIC16F877 C CCS C PIC-C Example
"" "" "" BASIC CHBasic TBD
"" "" "" JAL JAL TBD
Motorola (Freescale) SORC Sumo11 68HC11 C GCC TBD
"" "" "" C Interactive C TBD
Ridgesoft Intellibrain "" Java RoboJDE Velocity Ramping and Driving in a Square Example
Parallax BS2SX Carrier BS2SX BASIC BASIC Stamp Editor Drive in a Square Example
Savage Innovations MarkIII/OOPIC OOPIC I BASIC-like OOPIC Compiler TBD
"" MarkIII/OOPIC OOPIC II+ BASIC-like OOPIC Compiler OOPIC Example
Using WC-132 with PCs and Macs
Machine Type Operating System Programming Language Development Tool  
Wintel WindowsXP/Vista   BASIC Visual Basic.NET 2008 VBCommander.NET, an updated VBCommander that uses .NET
"" Windows2000/XP/Vista C Visual C++ 6 WCLoader, a simple command-line driven firmware upgrade program.
"" Windows 2000/XP   BASIC Visual Basic 6 VBCommander, a simple example that uses NdiCmdC.dll to communicate with a WheelCommander via a serial port
Apple Mac OS X   C++ XCode Player Project: driver and example program
Intel Linux   C++ GCC Player Project: driver and example program
Wintel WindowsXP/Vista/7   C++ Visual Studio Player Project: driver and example program

NOTE: TBD = to be done

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