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CS-100 Codewheel Spacer

The CS-100 is a codewheel mounting system for WheelWatcher CW-32 codewheel stickers used with the WW-01, WW-11, WW-02 and WW-12 WheelWatcher encoders.

It allows you to use the WW-02 or WW-12 with Solarbotics GM-2 or GM-3 motors, which have longer motors shafts than the GM-8 and GM-9.

Use WheelWatcher encoders with:

  • Solarbotics GM-2 or GM-3 motors as a shim


  • Self-adhesive backing for easy mounting
  • Same size as the CW-32 Codewheel Sticker incremental codewheels used with all WheelWatcher products


Made of laser cut acrylic with a self-adhesive backing, the CS-100 fits perfectly on standard injection molded wheels. The CS-100 is used with the WheelWatcher WW-02 or WW-12 when installed on Solarbotics GM-2 or GM-3 motors, as a shim to lower the height of the codewheel sticker with regard to the WW-02 or WW-12 sensors. This is necessary to adjust for the long GM-2 and GM-3 motor shafts.

CS-100 Codewheel Spacer

  • One laser cut acrylic codewheel spacer with adhesive backing.
  CS-040 Codewheel Spacer

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