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CS-040 Codewheel Spacer

The CS-040 is a codewheel mounting system for WheelWatcher CW-32 codewheel stickers used with the WW-01, WW-11, WW-02, and WW-12 WheelWatcher encoders.

It allows you to use the codewheel sticker on a variety of wheels (from Budget Robotics or other vendors) or any mechanism that attaches to a servo with a servo control horn. Some drilling on your part is required, but the predrilled guide holes make it simple.

Use WheelWatcher encoders with:

  • Budget Robotics Wheels
    • "O-Wheel" SKU OWHL
    • "Reversible Foam Wheel" SKU WHEEL525
    • "Ribbed Rubber Wheel" SKU WHEEL-RIBBED
  • Nonstandard wheels
  • Articulated mechanisms
  • All common servo horns from GWS, Futaba, and Hitec


  • Self-adhesive backing for easy mounting
  • Pre-drilled guide holes provided for you to drill out to provide space for wheel mounting screw heads
  • Same size as the CW-32 Codewheel Sticker incremental codewheels used with all WheelWatcher products


Made of laser cut styrene with a self-adhesive backing, the CS-040 fits perfectly over all common servo control horns on the servo side of the horn. Thirty two guide holes are provided which line up with all of the most usefully located holes on all common servo horns from GWS, Futaba, and Hitec.

The related CS-100 is also used with the WheelWatcher WW-02 or WW-12 when used with Solarbotics GM-3 or GM-9 motors, as a shim to lower the height of the codewheel sticker with regard to the WW-02 or WW-12 sensors. This is necessary to adjust for the long GM-3 and GM-9 motor shafts.

CS-040 Codewheel Spacer

  • One pre-drilled laser cut styrene codewheel spacer with adhesive backing.
  CS-040 Codewheel Spacer

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BR Ribbed Wheel

BR Foam Wheel

BR O-Wheel

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